Hans Gruber and the Die Hards

by Hans Gruber and the Die Hards

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Brandon Bridgewater
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Brandon Bridgewater This album's got it all. Shrieking vocals. Street punk. Ska. I love it. Favorite track: We're All Gonna Die.
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Our first full length album! We had a lot of fun recording this all in a weekend here in Austin at Public Hifi studios. We actually had only planned on recording 5 songs for an EP, but things went so well we were able to do 14.


released May 25, 2017

Vocals: TJ Robinson
Bass/Vocals/Trombone: Kurt Armstrong
Guitar/Vocals: Hans Emanuelson
Drums: Chris Thompson

Saxophone: Rosey Armstrong

Recorded and Mixed by Brad Bell at Public Hi-Fi
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer Maria Rice
Artwork by Kyle Armstrong



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Track Name: It Just Doesn't Matter
It! Just! Doesn't! Matter!
Being right places you in a position of imagined moral superiority
Track Name: My Bad Luck
Every single day I gotta get through my stupidity and my bad luck
Only to fill my mind with useless nonsense emitted from my electronics
There’s nothing more productive I tell myself that I can do to pass my time
Conversations through computers substitute real face time that way I can choose my words more wisely
Every single day I gotta get through my stupidity and my bad luck
Track Name: Monster Within
Be afraid! of the drink! there's more devil inside than you'd think! don't consume it'll overtake, service to the devil's your fate! and the o oh the o there's a cross in it, i guess i told ya so. Signs of the beast! 3 markings! binds this drink to your future sins.
woah oh oh let it begin
woah oh oh the monster within
woah oh
straight to the bottom you assume nothing is wrong
could have stayed on path to glory but in hell where you belong
bottoms up the devil laughs
you're doomed if you drink in his wrath
don't believe, tempted by one
and now you'll never join his holy son
put down that drink put down that drink there's more devil inside than you'd think.
Track Name: We're All Gonna Die
What's your life worth it's all kinda meaningless we're walking bags of flesh and shit you'll drop dead any minute. the smallest living thing can make the heart stop so yeah yeah we're all gonna die!
but i'm not saying it's a bad thing (we're all kinda terrible)
i just wanted you to know that we're all gonna die
the best thing you can hope for is to die in your sleep with your family all around you doctor's tending to your needs but what will you know you'll be hopped up on morphine so yeah yeah we're all gonna die!
don't you know towards the end of life your brain don't function you can't think right. you become a shell of who you once were so yeah yeah we're all gonna die!
3 minutes to midnight is what the doom clock reads as you make your lives unliveable but who cares you'll die in a car wreck first so yeah yeah we're all gonna die!
Track Name: Xenu
it's gonna be ok! it's not gonna be ok
you took my things away!
my videos you took, destroying them makes you the crook
we'll start a war with the purpose to defeat
Xenu owns you
i'll hack away from the safety of my seat
xenu owns you
i'll be anon i'll be anonymous
Xenu owns you
after you it's everyone not us
Xenu own's you
it's gonna be ok! it's not gonna be ok
Track Name: Howlin
it's safe to say that there's no way i'll ever be able to see you as more than just an object in my desires and my fantasy i can never look past your figure. I want to sink my teeth into your body I want to feel your flesh against mine i'm howlin howlin, i'm no better than a wolf!
blow blow blow away the big bad wolf! blow blow blow away the big bad wolf!
as my fingertrips trace across your body my jaw drops, i wanna lap you up. your touch sends me into a frenzy it shoots shivers down my spine i'm howlin howlin, i'm no better than a wolf!
Track Name: You Can't Change The World
take your degree and shove it up your a$$ that piece of paper won't do much fast. you're bright ideas won't change the earth well let me tell ya something you weren't the first. to come out of school and tell the poor that they got it all wrong. about their lives what they're doing wrong when they hear what you're saying they'll change their song, you can't change the world! stop acting like your better! you can't change the world!
Track Name: Lunartini
man in the moon! smiling at me! I wanna be an artist don't know what kind to be! I haven't found my creative medium yet and this tour guide to the moon is getting upset. so pour me a lunartini we're flying to the moon today pour me a lunartini. nothing lasts forever or so they say.
Track Name: Exhausted
rum rum rumble down the road rum rum rumble down the road. rumble down the road i think i got a choad as big as my transportation mode to bad it ain't the size of my load. rumble down the road guzzle up some gas cuz it's time to go, should i park in 2 or 3 spaces i think i will take the whole row! you're truck makes me exhausted!
Track Name: The Ghost Of Parties Past
dribbles of vomit stain my robe. my beard is knotted from my bloodied nose. i possess your body as you black out. i'll leave you with those aches and that dry mouth. the ghosts of parties past
i pounded a 40 took 3 shots or 4 is the sun still outside should i drink anymore?
this dizziness spells disaster for me what's taking control of my body?
don't hit on her her boyfriend's right there, i'm so sorry sir that's not all me here don't pick up the bottle don't swing at my face, i'm so sorry sir, i'm leaving this place. lord no.
another night another soul disgraced, scattered memories and a battered face, that's me in the corner my eye's on you, i'll be leaving the party before the night is thru, the ghosts of parties past!
Track Name: Isaiah
from heaven above my name is isaiah not that ornery $#%## with the stu stu stu stutter. he talks to the bushes not the ones in the ground but the ones between legs if you know what i mean.
i am i am i am isaiah
well means my ex wife she kicked my right out said i wouldn't shut up didn't have my story straight, first i was dead then i was drunk but pardon my rambling what i'm trying to say is
if the ocean were whiskey and i were a yacht i'd light it on fire roast those rich #%$%# up if wishes were horses i'd be covered in sh!t society's failed me and i wish it didn't.
Track Name: Blood Moon
When I woke up this morning, it was still night.
when i woke up this morning it was with a fright
for in my dreams i saw the son of man
and he swore to me that he was my friend
he said that now the time had come for me to take his hand
when i got out of bed i started to cry
for i knew today would be the day that i died
but they were tears of joy not tears of sorrow
for i knew that there will be no tomorrow
for the Lord's reign had come at last
it will start with the ants they will answer his call
marching to the beat of the bombs as they fall
and the vultures will circle as we rot where we lie
a dust cloud will blot out the sun moon and sky
man will try as he may to claim his own fate
but the flora and fauna they all know it's too late
the earth trembles as it scratches off it's final itch
mankind dead at last was it's only wish
i saw the light i saw the light etc etc